Javier Torner

Urban Development Specialist and Programme Management Officer at UN-Habitat


Javier Torner works since 2014 in the Urban Planning and Design Branch of UN-Habitat as an Urban Development Specialist and Programme Management Officer at UN-Habitat's Headquarters in Nairobi. Inside the City Planning, Extension and Design Unit and the Urban Lab, Mr. Torner has drafted and participated in the implementation of development frameworks, planned city extension projects, urban regeneration, post-disaster urban restructuring  initiatives and urban projects and trainings in the Russian Federation, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Czech Republic, China, India, Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, South Africa, Haiti, Rwanda and Kenya . Mr. Torner also works with urban planning innovation and smart cities, developing smart city masterplans to support city administrations and partnerships with private sector for urban regeneration and service provision.

He holds a Master in Architecture, a Master in International Business Administration and a Master in Urban Development and International Cooperation. He has over 10 years of previous experience as an architect and urban developer for Banco Santander in Spain and later on as market analyst and business developer in Germany and the United States, accomplishing projects and partnerships in the public and private sector for sustainable development and energy sectors in Canada, US, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Ecuador, Brazil, Chile and Argentina. He has also engaged as a researcher for the Technical University of Darmstadt in the fields of Spatial Planning and Infrastructure Development in the transportation and water sectors.

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